Unorthodox Vision: An Interview with Justin Bailey

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Unorthodox Vision: Everyman Needs to Have A Vision

Justin was raised in the church, baptized as a kid, and had an all-around healthy childhood. The only exception was that he thought Christianity was simply following a bunch of rules of do’s and don’ts. Couple that with the fact that these rules went against the stuff that teenage Justin wanted to do… and you have a recipe for rebellion.

Unorthodox Vision: Everyman needs to have a visionSo, when he joined the army shortly after high school, met his wife and began “adulthood”, he lacked any devotion to anything other than his own selfish desires… much less a relationship with God. Couple that with the scheduling of his wedding and heading off to basic training in the same week, and you have another recipe for disaster!

Here are just a few of the things Justin and I discuss:

  • Sent by the Army to the Middle East. The stress on their marriage became overwhelming.
  • Separated from wife and he knew it was his fault.
  • During this trying time, Justin finally turned to God. He prayed and felt that he was supposed to let go of control.
  • Their separation only lasted about a month, but that was all he needed to realized that he needed to begin the process of learning about himself, God and what God wants for his life.
  • They got back together and decided to find out if they really believed in God, or were they going to just go through the motions like he had done throughout his life.
  • There was a huge moment of freedom – freedom from guilt and shame – and for the first time he felt loved by God.
  • Justin knows that God has revealed things but he is still walking & learning.
  • How faith impacts his leading of men:
    • While away on deployment to Kuwait, he realized that he needed to start leading his sons into manhood… spiritually, not just as young men.
    • Began meeting with like-minded Christian men with similar goals.
    • Leadership of men began by leading his own sons.
  • Seeing other men not own up to their faults encouraged Justin to step up.
    • He realized that so many guys in our society are failing as men.
  • Now, he leads men to live up to what they already claim.
  • Where does Justin see the movement or “call to character” comes from?
    • Guys trying to figure out, “Am I enough?” regardless of what your purpose is, or even if know what your purpose might be.
  • Everyman needs to have a vision.
  • What can you do today?
    • You don’t need a five year plan. Begin with however far ahead you can see now. That may be today, next week, a year from now… just get off the couch and start!
  • Ask yourself, “What can I do today that can impact my vision?”
    • Call it a goal, a vision, whatever you like
    • It may be as simple as going for a walk, or working a full day and still having enough energy in your tank to invest in your family when you get home.
  • We need vulnerability and authenticity.
  • How do you get started? Start listening to the Holy Spirit. Seriously. If you’re a Christian, that is the same as “listen to your gut”.
  • Accept that the enemy will try to stop you.
  • Lean into the uncomfortable.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded guys
  • Justin’s favorite Bible Verses or story:
    • Caleb & Joshua: trusting God, not fearing giants
    • James: draw near to God & God draws near to us
    • 2 Timothy: we are not created to have a spirit of fear

This is just part of Justin’s story. You’ve got to listen to what God has done throughout his life to mold him into the man he is today. As Justin says, “Everyman needs to have a vision.”

Check out what Justin is doing regarding actions, honor and vision through Code of Character on Facebook: @CodeOfCharacter.

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