The Big Picture Podcast 21: A Republic Without Representation

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What does the Supreme Court’s recent rulings regarding California’s Prop. 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act say about everything BESIDES marriage?

First of all, a majority of people voted for Prop 8.  Then when its merits were appealed, our State governement did not do its duty in standing in the place of its electorate.  Ii shutter to think what a supposed democratic republic will look like when neither its elected officials nor the media that keeps them in check actually represent the people.

In striking down DOMA, it was made known that the hightest court not only has the job of ruling on the constitutionality of law, but they also have the job of flsely assuming, then handing down a judgement regarding the hearts and intentions of the American people.

The bottom line is this:  The “earthquake” has hit.  The “tsunami” is on the rise.  And the “life guards” have deemed us unworthy of saving.  So, what price are we willing to pay in order to stand firm in the midst of the oncoming storm?

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