The Big Picture Podcast 14: Abraham vs. Lot vs. Jonah

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In this week’s Big Picture Podcast, Joel Fieri compares and contrasts Abraham’s, Lot’s and Jonah’s reaction to the world around them and God’s will for the life decisions they made.  Then, as Joel points out, we are faced to realize that the world we’re living in today – while not quite as bad – isn’t too far off from what these Biblical heroes faced.  So, what do we do with the Sodoms, Gomorrahs, and Ninevehs that might surround us today?  What practical, day-to-day lessons can we glean from these chapters of Biblical history?  Joel succinctly lays out the path that he daily decides to take and which lessons he continually learns.

Additionally, Joel brings to light the story that inspired “The End of the Spear” and the modern-day heroes who played a part in saving generations to come, both spiritually and physically.

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