Relational Toolshed: What & How Do We Grieve? with David Achata

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What & How Do We Grieve? with David Achata

This week in the “Shed” is our tool of the week – David Achata.

David is the Founder & Director of Achata Coaching (, Author, and Director of Coaching for leadership development at Saturate. Although David is an incredible executive coach and counselor we took a look at a more specific aspect of his life and journey of late. In the midst of his work as an executive coach, community leader, and father; David walked through an incredibly exhausting and painful period of life in the last few years.What & How Do We Grieve? with David Achata

In this episode David shares his personal journey of caring for his dying mother and the season of life he walked through as he learned how to grieve and mourn his losses. From high functioning executive coach to disorganized and disoriented the grieving process took him for many unexpected turns and discoveries.

David shares some insights into a skill and life reality that many of us are ill-equipped in…grieving. His book set to release in late 2017 is an incredible insight into his own personal discoveries but also practical tools for helping others learn to grieve as well and experience deep healing & comfort.

We also discussed practical relational tools on what to do and not to do when we are in a process of grieving as well as when we are trying to help someone in our life during a hard season of life or loss. Specifically, I asked him:

  1. What are unhelpful ways we can attempt to help those in our life who are grieving?
  2. What are ways that we can be helpful and empathetic when our friends/family are in a season of grieving?
  3. What’s the difference between grieving and mourning? Why is the difference necessary?

If you enjoy David’s content he also contributes articles on his blog, as well as on the Saturate Blog with a more spiritual focus specifically.

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