Real Stuff My Dad Says 25: There Are Two Sides To Every Coin

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In cases of “He Said / She Said” (or when dealing with my kids, “he said / he said”), it’s vital to look at all perspectives of a situation in order to come to a peaceful understanding and get down to the truth.

Now, when dealing in the hypothetical, or in regards to a minor dispute between children, it’s easy to pause, take a breath and come at an idea, opinion or circumstance from another point of view.  Sometimes it’s easy for (metaphorically) one person to say, “I see heads” while another person says, “I see tails”, but they can both agree that they are looking at a 25 cent piece.

However, some issues are more difficult.  Some moral dilemmas must face a higher level of scrutiny.  What do you do when you see heads… maybe even tails; but the other person is looking at a Japanese yen?  When right is right and truth is truth, what do you do when someone disagrees?

My dad has some great words on standing your ground while remaining full of grace in the face of truth being called false and right being called wrong.

Grab a snack and buckle up for this one, it’s a little bit longer and deeper than Dad goes most weeks, as we take a look at both sides of “The M Word”.

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