Open the Gates 12: Why do Muslims believe that the Trinity is blasphemy?

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Daniel Massieh is joined by Jefferson Drexler as they discuss the Muslim view of the Trinity and how to shed the light of truth on this misunderstanding.

To many Muslims, the concept of a Holy Trinity is nothing less than blasphemy:  If Jesus is the Son of God, then God the Father must have come to earth and had marital relations with Mary.  BLASPHEMY!!

To say that God is my Heavenly Father must mean that God came down to earth, married my mom and had sex with her.  BLASPHEMY!!

Finally, to say that Christians pray in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit… BLASPHEMY!!  How dare we incorporate God into a hodge podge of gods with two other gods!

We, as Christians, need to clearly, simply and kindly clarify that, as Mark 12:29 says: “the Lord is One!”

You see, Islam is similar to Christianity in many ways, but they have five significant objections to Christianity.  These five objections are:  1)The Bible has been corrupted;  2) Jesus is not God; 3) Jesus is not the Son of God; 4) the Crucifixion never happened and 5) the Trinity is blasphemy.

If we can clearly, simply and kindly explain these eternal truths, the walls around their hearts and between them and understanding God’s Truth can be broken down – and the Truth will set them free!

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