Open the Gates 13: Jesus Used a Fortune Teller

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This week, Daniel sits down with his friend Tach, a former Muslim woman from Central Asia who now lives with the motto, “Nothing shall separate me from the love of Christ.  If God is for me who can be against me?”  Learn about her story of how she discovered Christ’s love for her and His plan for her life.

As early as the age of nine-years-old, Tach was a genuine seeker of genuine truth.  She went to great lengths to fill this void that she constantly felt inside her heart, even the locally popular ritual of worshiping dead spirits at a nearby cemetery.

Every Friday, she would frequent a site known locally as a “holy place” – a cemetery where locals said, “would take you half way to Mecca”.

Unlike most Muslim women, Tach was offered the opportunity to go to college.  Where there – thanks to the collapse of communism – she was exposed to Christian missionaries.  She even worked as a local language coach for some.  These missionaries revealed a new understanding of who God is, as they shared the gospel of Jesus for five years.

But, as a Muslim, god was unapproachable and unknowable, despite all her efforts.

Tach would argue with them and debate, but all her protests only brought her closer to the Truth of who God is and how He sees her.

On one particular visit back home, Tach grew sick.  Instead of going to a hospital or medical center, her family took her to a local fortune teller.

The soothsayer actually told her to turn her life over to Jesus!  Ever the skeptic, Tach asked for further evidence – even from the fortune teller!

Then one night, eight months later, she heard three times:  “Go outside and you will see Jesus.”  She didn’t understand it until much later, but when she finally did look outside, Tach experienced what the scriptures describe:  The heavens declare God’s glory – the moon, the skies and the bright stars.

She was subsequently hit with the question, “Why do you fear men?  Fear God” deep within her heart.  She knew that it was Jesus speaking to her.  She then found and read through a Four Spiritual Laws pamphlet, prayed that Jesus would be her Lord and Savior – and at that moment, Tach finally knew the peace and joy that she had been searching for since she was nine-years-old.

That void in her heart was filled and she has served God ever since.  Not that it’s always been easy.  Tach has faced isolation and persecution from some people who once loved her dearly.  Yet God has remained faithful and continues to fill her heart’s every need.

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