First Liberty Briefing: Justice Alito Challenges Americans to Protect Religious Freedom

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Justice Alito is a proven defender of religious liberty. You may recall he authored the court’s opinion in Hobby Lobby, protecting the religious consciences of family-owned businesses. Learn how he’s challenging Americans to protect religious liberty at

Thank you for joining us for the First Liberty Briefing, an exclusive podcast where host Jeremy Dys—also First Liberty Senior Counsel—provides an insider’s look at the stories, cases, people and laws that have made America the world’s leader in protecting religious liberty.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito recently gave remarks to a group in New Jersey. His forty-five minute presentation proved to be quite sobering. Just as Alito is a proven defender of religious liberty, you may recall he authored the Court’s opinion of Hobby Lobby, protecting the religious consciences of family owned businesses. In other opinions, he has warned of the impact the sexual revolution may inflict upon the religious liberty of Americans.

Justice Samuel Alito Challenges Americans to Protect Religious Freedom

Image: Chip Somodevilla

In his latest remarks, however, Justice Alito told the audience:

“You don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing. A wind is picking up that is hostile to those with traditional moral beliefs.”

But the good justice ended with a word caution and challenge. He said:

“We are likely to see pitched battles in courts and Congress, State Legislatures and Town Halls, but the most important fight is for the hearts and minds of our fellow Americans. It is up to all of us to evangelize to our fellow Americans about the issue of religious freedom.”

That’s where you and I come in.

Freedom, and especially religious freedom, is not a given in human history. It is something each generation must renew for itself. Telling the story of religious liberty and its blessings to one another is part of our responsibility as Americans.

It’s also how we preserve liberty.

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