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e² media network™ offers several weekly podcasts, media and Christian teaching with the goal of equipping Christians to know God and build God’s kingdom through Jesus Christ.
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Carty’s Contemporary Classics with Jay Carty

Jay Carty (Santa Barbara) engages with entertaining anecdotes, jokes, and stories woven with Bible teaching for a side-splitting, heart-piercing look into the truth about God.

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Jesus in HD with Dewey Bertolini

Pastor Dewey Bertolini (Oregon) equips with insightful biblical teaching by weaving together all four gospels for a crystal clear (High Definition) picture teaching about Jesus.

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My Armor with Mikey Esparza

Mikey Esparza (San Diego) of “The Mikey Show” equips with a topical Christian talk radio format examining biblical teaching in a practical down to earth approach.

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Open the Gates with Daniel Massieh

Daniel Massieh (San Diego) a former Muslim and prisoner in the name of Christ, equips with evangelizing techniques to share the truth about God with Muslims.

Matt Tague Discusses How to Read the Bible

Read the Word with Matt Tague

Pastor Matt Tague (San Diego) equips with easy yet powerful Christian devotional tips how to read and study the Bible for understanding God.

Christian bible teaching about how to bring the church back to today's men and boys. How men and boys need to follow Jesus Christ, read scripture, and become a mature Christian, participate in discipleship, and learn then teach the truth about God.

Church for Men with David Murrow

David Murrow (Alaska)  is dedicated to helping the local church reach more men and boys.  His focus is not male dominance, but male resurgence.  His mission is not to call men back to the church – but to call the church back to men.

Christian teaching about church relationships, men and women relationships, parent and child relationships within blended families

Blending Your StepFamily with Pam Rohr

Pam Rohr (Santa Barbara) Offers experience, advice and strategies on how to blend your stepfamily into a cohesive, loving family.


To the Churches with Gary and Dana Avánt

Gary and Dana Avánt (San Diego) build up and empower Christians and the Church (congregations and leaders) through dynamic topics about what it means to be healthy and mature followers of Jesus.


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