Christian Recovery

Christian Recovery

e² media network™ offers Christ-centered encouragement, guidance and Biblical perspectives for walking along the road to recovery from broken marriages, bad decisions, childhood traumas, heartaches, hard times and so much more that life throws at us.


AN EXAMINED LIFE – Comedian Jeff Allen (Nashville) dives into his own stories and sits down with friends, associates & perfect strangers to discuss various perspectives and stories as they examine their lives.

Reflections of Grace Slider

REFLECTIONS OF GRACE – Dixie Diamanti (Santa Maria) Offers words of comfort and wisdom in facing the strongholds of our past and living the lives that we were called to.

Christian teaching about church relationships, men and women relationships, parent and child relationships within blended families

BLENDING YOUR STEPFAMILY – Pam Rohr (Santa Barbara) Offers experience, advice and strategies on how to blend your stepfamily into a cohesive, loving family.


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