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Real Stuff My Dad Says Video: Stubbed Toe Principle

Why is it that after someone ticks us off, every single little thing they say or do really, really gets us steamed?!  They didn’t bug us so much yesterday, but for some reason today – after “the incident” – every little thing suddenly makes our hair stand in rage! To answer this question and more, […]

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The Big Picture 6: The Ultimate Social Issue VIDEO

In this video, Joel wraps up his trilogy of podcasts addressing the major and less noticeable issues facing today’s Christian community.  In this installment, he takes a hard look at the Ultimate Social Issue facing us all… and if left unchecked, will deliver dire consequences for not just Christians, but for the nation as a […]

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The Big Picture 004: Social Issues – Megaphones (VIDEO)

In this video, Joel takes a look at the three “megaphone” issues that face today’s American Church; and he leaves us with a choice:  Yell back with our own magaphone, turn a deaf ear or boldly speak appropriately with truth in love.  Plus, he nominates yet another hero to the Great Cloud of Witnesses. For […]

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The Big Picture Podcast 5: Earbud Social Issues Video

Joel Fieri takes a look at the private social issues that challenge today’s church and even God Himself.

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Real Stuff My Dad Says: P.P.T. (Video)

From “Real Stuff My Dad Says”, Jefferson Drexler explains how the People, Places and Things that we choose to surround ourselves with WILL – 100% of the time – impact the decisions that we make on a daily basis. PLAY:  People, Places & Things

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