I’m Waiting

I’m Waiting 11: Angels, Miracles, and a new Dad with Ricky Garza

This week, we continue our discussion with Ricky Garza.  As a child, his dad was a meth addict and dealer, which caused their family to be evicted over and over again, and bounced his dad in and out of jail repeatedly as well. When Ricky was in middle school, there was a time when his […]

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I’m Waiting 10: Growing Up Is Hard To Do (especially when your dad sells meth) with Ricky Garza

I am so excited to have my dear friend, Ricky Garza on this week’s show. Ricky is part of the I’m Waiting team, as we go into local schools and discuss STD education, teen pregnancy, and how the decisions that kids make today will impact the rest of their lives. This seems to be a […]

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I’m Waiting 9: Walking Hard with Marvin “Merv” Mattair

This week, we wrap up our conversation with Marvin “Merv” Mattair and learn about his success in sending his message throughout his community.  Whenever any of us talk about sexual risk avoidance in the public square, we are faced with some of the most odd point of opposition.  Merv was able to overcome that hurdle […]

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I’m Waiting 8: How to Serve, Protect, and Love Your Children

This week, as we continue our conversation with Marvin “Merv” Mattair, we dive into our role, as parents, in raising our kids to be amazing young men and women, despite and within the ever-changing culture they are surrounded with… especially in regards to dating. Merv is a firm believer in creating a respectful atmosphere at […]

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I’m Waiting 7: Sex, Entertainment, and Your Kids with Marvin “Merv” Mattair

This week, we are digging in on how to protect our kids from today’s media that tells them that their only value comes from their sexuality. From Rihanna to Flo Rida to Nicki Minaj… sex sells. But what is the motive behind it all? Now, for Merv’s household, they got rid of cable television altogether. […]

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I’m Waiting 6: Changing Lives with Proper Propaganda, with Merv Mattair

We are continuing our engaging conversation with Marvin “Merv” Mattair from Madison County, FL. Merv is reaching into his community to pour truth into the hearts and lives of the youth in that county, breaking the chains of generational bondage, and dispelling the lies that today’s media tries to sell them. It grieves my heart […]

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I’m Waiting 5: The HARD Testimony (isn’t what you think) with Merv Mattair

We are continuing our energetic and informative discussion with Marvin “Merv” Mattair. It’s been inspiring to hear about the things that he is doing in his community of Madison County, FL – reaching into a youth culture and making a lasting impact in their lives. Merv is living proof that if you are faithful, God […]

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I’m Waiting 4: Interview with Merv Mattair, Part 1

Merv Mattair and I share a lot in common. He is constantly reaching out to his community (albeit on the other side of the country than me), impacting the lives of young people all over Madison County, Florida. He’s an author, a radio host and motivational speaker, doing what he is called to do by […]

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I’m Waiting 3: M&M’s, STD’s & Your Teenagers

Today’s media is telling our kids a consistent lie: There are no consequences from living in the “hook up culture” – or going from person to person to person, sexually – as long as you use a condom, you’re safe and nothing will happen to you. But what happens when (not if, but when) that […]

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I’m Waiting 2: Dads Are More Important Than Moms

It’s common knowledge that almost all teens don’t quite understand the emotional and relational aspects of life because they are so consumed by the physical. That’s just where they are in life. Puberty, and all the changes that it brings on, simply limits their awareness and understanding. At I’m Waiting, we try to push that […]

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