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I’m Waiting 21: Is Virginity A Disease?

Recently we read an article in the The Washington Post about teen birthrates hitting an all-time low.  Part of the article jumped out at us.  Bill Albert, chief program officer for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy was quoted as saying, “There has been a change in social norms that has happened […]

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I’m Waiting: How Do You Know When It’s Love?

ImWaiting recently spent two days at a local high school.  On our exit survey we have a place for questions.  Students can ask anonymous questions and we either answer it right there or later on social media. We received the question we get at practically every place we speak.  “When and how do you know […]

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I’m Waiting 19: “The Right Time to Have Sex”

Last week ImWaiting was participating in a parent forum at a local high school.  The forum was open to parents and students covering the topic of teen dating.  During the Q&A we were asked the question that we probably get 100 times a year: “When is the best time to start having sex?”   Parents – we hope […]

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Im Waiting 18: Condoms As A “Super Shield”

ImWaiting has the opportunity to speak to many parent groups throughout the county.  We teach effective communication, healthy relationships, decision-making, STD education, etc, with the intent to equip parents with knowledge to start and continue conversations with their kids regarding risk behaviors and the consequences. Recently, we were advised to tell parents that they needed to […]

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I’m Waiting 17: Should I’m Waiting Be In Teen Parenting Classes?

Last week ImWaiting spoke in two teen parenting classes.  It was actually follow-up to earlier presentations.  We had a speaker come in and talk about his life, decisions he made, changes he had to make after becoming a parent. Some might say that it would be pointless to have an abstinence-centered presentation in a teen parenting class.  […]

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I’m Waiting 16: Kids Should Avoid Smoking & Booze, But Not Sex?

I recently read an article about three conversations parents should have with their kids this year.  In this order: Making smart choices about sex. Building healthy relationships. Avoiding smoking, drugs, and alcohol. We find it interesting that the author thinks that teens should avoid smoking, drugs, and alcohol but not sex. No wonder parents often […]

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I’m Waiting 15: Seeking the heart of men with Ricky Garza

We’re wrapping up our interview with Ricky Garza from our previous podcast, today Ricky and I discuss the eternal impact a Dad has on the lives if his children. Recently Ricky and I were at a conference and we heard someone say when a Dad comes to know the Lord it has a greater impact […]

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I’m Waiting 14: God Never Wastes An Opportunity with Ricky Garza

Reaching our community with truth is our utmost goal. It’s also the vision shared by Ricky Garza. As we continue our discussion with him, we learn how he is impacting the youth in his community with truth in love. Statistically speaking, with Ricky’s upbringing (evicted from house to house due to his dad’s meth dealing […]

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I’m Waiting 13: Our Choices ALWAYS Come with Consequences, with Ricky Garza

I have never met anyone in my life who said, “Dang! I wish that I had slept with more people before I got married!” It’s always, “Dang… I wish I had waited”, myself included. Yet, we often receive letters saying that our “I’m Waiting” message is not a healthy message to tell kids today. And […]

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I’m Waiting 12: A Fatherly Role Model & the Decision to Wait, with Ricky Garza

This week, we continue our discussion with Ricky Garza. Ricky offers his insight on the extreme importance of a father’s role in the house. Study after study reveals that a dad’s role in a cohesive home is actually more important than a mother’s role, since a dad teaches a boy how to be a man […]

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