Carty’s Contemporary Classics

Carty’s Contemporary Classics 6: Four Principles for Dating

Whether you’re single, married or about to get married, one question seems to abound when it comes to sex, kissing, hugging, flirting and innuendo:  “How far is too far?” Jay dives into this and several other sexual dilemmas, starting with Paul’s words from 1 Corinthians 6:12, “‘I have the right to do anything,’ you say […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 5: Sinless Anger

Hurt, fear, frustration, feelings of injustice.  We all experience thes, but then what?  Anger, rage, destruction?  In this week’s podcast, Jay maps out the path of getting angry without sinning.  The result?  Learning to forgive and give up your right to get even… even after the  horrible injustice they just did to you.  Sounds like […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 4: You Don’t Want to See Me When I Get Angry

Expressionists, Suppressionists and Repressionists all fall victim to the same sin.  But, as Numbers 16:11 says, whenever sin is involved, your beef isn’t with the person you might think it is with… it’s with God.  Take a walk through memory lane (yours and his) and see what the Bible has to say about dealing properly […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 3: Justice, Mercy, Grace & Cold Showers

When we deserve to run 20 laps, we could chose to run them ourselves, or accept God’s mercy and only put ourselves through running half while he runs the remaining ten or accept God’s grace and allow him to run them for us.  What does this have to do with freezing darts of water from […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 2: Grand Canyon Jump, Basketball Diaries & God’s Mercy

As Jay puts it, “Only 10’s go to Heaven”.  Sadly, none of us – NOT A SINGLE ONE OF US – measures up to that standard!  We’ve all fallen short of God’s standard.  However, if we acknowledge God’s unfailing mercy and change our answer from “I can do it on my own” to “Yes, Jesus, […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 1: You Stink!

As the Bible (and Jay) says:  SIN STINKS!  And, since we’re all sinners, by definition, we all stink.  The first step to ceasing the stinking is to recognize your stench.  Jay walks us through this process this week in Jay’s Contemporary Classic, episode 1!

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