Carty’s Contemporary Classics

Carty’s Contemporary Classics 24: Spinning and Spinning Into Eternity

Left on our own – without any point of reference – we are doomed.  We’ll either walk around in circles, swim in circles or crash and burn. In this week’s podcast, Jay shares his story about his bruch with death and his thoughts on why we so quickly find ourselves in a state of denial […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 23: Mic Check and Junior High Wisdom

Too often, from theories on the creation of the universe to theories on what happens after we die, mankind has tried to take God out of the equation.  And when we remove God from our equations, we innevitably place ourselves in that position, which is really the root of and only sin:  making ourselves our […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 22: How Well Do You Know Jesus?

When we die, there is a standard that we must meet in order to enter heaven – Jesus Christ.  Obviously, none of us can or will ever measure up to His perfect standard.  However, if we know Jesus and He knows us in a way that we allow Him to bridge that gap between us […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 21: Better Than You Can Imagine / Worse Than Literal Fire… Pick Your Eternity

What are the odds of being like Enoch or Elijah?  Not too good?  Then your odds are practically certain that you will die someday.  Therefore, what comes next – eternity – falls into question.  When we look carefully about what heaven is like versus what hell is like, the decision between the two becomes pretty […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 20: Dark Roads, CPR and an Empty House

The Bible is a miracle of God’s preservation that cannot be denied.  Jay Carty has decided – and he recommends that we all decide – to use its words as the standard for all his decisions. In this week’s podcast, Jay Carty weaves together a convincing tale of how our greatest fear (fear of the […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 19: What are the Odds? / Two Types of Christians

There are two types of Christians: “Moment In Time Christians” and “Process Christians”.  If you think about it, coming to the most important individual decision that any person can make would, by its very nature, probably be pretty unique for each of us.  As Jay Carty continues his “Playing With Fire” series, he maintains that […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 18: Onion Review and Nicodemus (Playing With Fire, Part 1)

In this, the first installment of Jay Carty’s “Playing with Fire” series, Jay reviews the fact that we’re all onions.  You stink.  I stink.  We all stink.  Our sin nature that we are born with causes us to stink.  According to Jesus’ discussion with Nicodemus in John 3, the only way to get rid of […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 17: You’re So Full Of It!

What are you filled with? Imagine your life is a glass.  Now fill it with the Holy Spirit (water), but there’s a constant drip of oil (sin) that continually tops off your glass (your life).  And, when sin (the oil) enters your life (your glass) the oily mess gets all over you and everyone around […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 16: The Story of Bearington Bunny

Bearington Bunny was furry, warm and loved to hop and frolic in the sno wever winter – except on Christemas. Whether it weret he squirrels, the beavers or field mice, he was continually brushed aside and dismissed until the wolf gave him a powerful message of what family really is. After delivering this message to […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics VIDEO: What Kind of Dead Are You?

From Kumulani Chapel in Maui, Hawaii, Jay looks at Jesus, Lazarus and Nicodemus and what we learned about life and death through their stories. There are three types of life and three types of death: Physical, Spiritual and Eternal. Jesus raised Lazarus from being physically dead and taught Nicodemus what it meant to be Spiritually […]

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