Carty’s Contemporary Classics

Carty’s Contemporary Classics 37: Run! ‘Cuz You Can’t Be Trusted!

This week, we wrap up our Sex in the Bible Trilogy by going back to 1 Corinthians 6:18-20, where it says, “Run from sexual sin!  No other sin so clearly affects the body as this one does.  For sexual immorality is a sin against your own body… you must honor God with your body.” You see, […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 36: Sex, God’s Forgiveness & the Consequences for Sin

This week, we continue talking about sex. There are two things in life that will take mastery over you like few things will. The first one is food. It’s tough for so many of us to control what we eat and keep our bodies in shape. But think of it this way: The Bible spends […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 35: Sometimes It’s Sin, Sometimes It’s Not or Will I Burn If I Get the Hots?

Let’s start out with some stats: On a per capita basis, the group that’s leading in increased incidents of sexually transmitted disease is the 10 to 14-year-old age group. In 1970, less than 5% of all 15-year-old girls had had sex. By 1988 that number rose to 25%. Current estimates say that 20% of our […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 34: Sinless Anger

You will experience hurt, fear, frustration, and feelings of injustice.  I’m sorry. It happens to all of us. And then you die. But it doesn’t have to lead to sin. You see, if we allow ourselves to enter into a sinful attitude following the hurt, fear, frustration and feelings of injustice… then what?  Anger, rage, […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 33: You Don’t Want To See Me When I Get Angry

Think of a chain of islands under attack.  The enemy hits weekly with long-range bombers.   When you stay in sin, you “lose an island” to the enemy and he builds another airstrip and now sends medium range bombers three times a week.  You continue to stay in sin, he takes yet another island, builds […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 32: Justice, Mercy, Grace & Cold Showers

15 See to it that no one comes short of the grace of God (Hebrews 12:15) To understand the grace of God, first we need to understand a few other things:  justice and mercy.  Justice is getting what you deserve, mercy is not getting all you deserve, and grace is getting something that you don’t deserve at […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 31: Grand Canyon Jump, Basketball Diaries & God’s Mercy

We tend to gauge who gets into heaven similarly to hitting in major league baseball.  No one even hopes to bat a 1.000 batting average because it’s impossible.  So, since it’s impossible, the standard for who is “good”, who is “great” and who is “horrible” is simply based on whoever has the higher or lower […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics 30: You Stink!

It was on a Friday night that 14-year-old, 6’3” 130 pound Jay Carty accepted an invitation to church.  As a bar-kid with a bookie dad, church usually wasn’t on the Friday night to do list, but Jay was afraid to refuse.  It was there in that service that Jay heard his first fire and brimstone, […]

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Carty’s Contemporary Classics: Proof Day!

Bunny rabbits and Easter eggs are to Easter as presents and Santa Claus is to Christmas:  Distractions. Christmas marks the celebration of Jesus’ birth.  Good Friday was Bridge Day.  Easter?  Easter is Proof Day! You see, Jesus said that He could conquer death.  On Easter, He proved it!  And if He could resurrect Himself, then […]

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Counter Attack 15: The Decision is Yours

When we make the vow to invite Jesus into our lives, it doesn’t mean that we won’t sin anymore – it means that we won’t want to. It means that we are surrendering ourselves to God’s will and saying, “Here I am. Use me.” If you are ready for the most exciting journey that you […]

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