The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 114: Asking Manipulation, Sara Shea & John Driver

I like to help my friends. I just wish they would be more deliberate in their asking for my help. Here’s what I mean: If they need my help to empty their septic tank, they should simply ask, “Hey, Daren, could you help me dig up my septic tank on Saturday?” Then I can reply, […]

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THE SUMMIT LECTURE SERIES – Over 150 of the best lectures ever given at Summit Ministries.  Topics include: Abortion, Apologetics, Arts, Culture, Logic, Economics, Environmentalism, Ethics, Feminism, Homosexuality, Humanism, Islam, Law, Leadership, Marriage, Marxism, Naturalism, Science, Philosophy, Politics, Postmodernism, Worldviews and much more. AN EXAMINED LIFE – Comedian Jeff Allen (Nashville) dives into his own stories […]

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Reflections of Grace 18: Breaking Strongholds – Warfare, Part 2

2 Corinthians 10:5 “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” • Today we look at the part of the scripture that says, “we take every thought captive” The phrase “we take captive” comes from the […]

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An Examined Life 4: Nate Larkin

Be forewarned:  The content about to be expressed in this podcast is explicit in nature, but deals with real issues facing men and women all across the country in all aspects of life – even our pastors. Author, national speaker on the topic of sex addition and creator of the Sampson Society Nate Larkin joins […]

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Blending Your StepFamily 25: The Gift of Sex

Sex is a “hot” topic, but among some couples, it’s a subject they evade.  The way we view sex can determine whether we are fulfilled in it or avoiding it.  If we were injured in this area as a child, it may be more difficult to enjoy a healthy relationship as an adult.  Allowing pornography […]

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Clean Comedy

e² media network™ offers family friendly humor and clean comedy from accomplished stand up comedians.  This media stems from a Christian foundation and aims to bring friends and families together in laughter.   An Examined Life Comedian Jeff Allen (Nashville) dives into his own stories and sits down with friends, associates & perfect strangers to […]

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e² media network™ offers weekly podcasts, media and other resources aimed to help reveal God’s desires for us to engage and encounter Him through worship and praise.  We also provide helpful tools to introduces various methods of worship and ways to deepen your relationship with God.     Experience God with Suzanne Lederer Suzanne Lederer […]

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e² media network™ offers stimulating podcasts and other media about how to effectively encounter and influence culture through politics.  With sound Christian Bible teaching about current political issues and the culture war in politics, we aim to equip our listeners to stand strong through rough political storms. The Big Picture Podcast with Joel Fieri Joel […]

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Personal Tools (Including Meditation)

e² media network™ provides weekly podcasts and resources for emotional engagement with God through worship and meditation.  Among these are Christian teaching, devotional tools and reflective scripture readings. Experience God with Suzanne Lederer Suzanne Lederer (San Diego) engages through Christian devotional contemplative worship through Lectio Divina or “Sacred Word”. Blending Your StepFamily with Pam Rohr Pam […]

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e² media network™ offers weekly podcasts featuring Christian teaching about equipping people for missions to our local society and other countries, cultures and ethnic groups.  We aim to effectively equip you to spread God’s Message to the ends of the earth with these evangelism techniques on how to share the Gospel through the power of […]

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