Brad Stine Has Issues: The Emotional Card with Josh Harris

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Brad Stine Has Issues: The Emotional Card with Josh Harris

Brad Stine: If there is anything that the intolerant has learned from the cultural narrative of America, it’s simply this: You don’t have to have the facts. All you have to do to win a debate is to pull out the Emotional Card.Brad Stine Has Issues: The Emotional Card with Josh Harris

Which brings me to my buddy, Josh Harris!

Josh Harris: Thanks, Brad. You know, you bring up a very important point. And I can take things to another level. If you truly want to win someone over to your side and agree with your point of view… especially a lady… and really connect with her on a heart-to-heart level, all you have to do is leave her a voicemail over an R&B track!

Like this (R&B track begins):

Oh yeah, Georgiana… I saw you at the Humane Society, girl.

You were looking A-B-C-D-lightful!

Did we take a science class together?

Because I know we had chemistry.

Let’s do this…

Girl, I saw you at the kennel, didn’t know what to do.

You were looking so fly the moment that I saw you.

We didn’t get to talking, but I ain’t worried.

Cuz a poker player never shows his hand too early.

I didn’t make a move, but I knew you’d let me in.

I stepped back, stayed relaxed, got your number from a friend.

You’re a thief in the night who has just been caught.

Like a cardiac arrest, cuz you stole my heart.

Be my sun, my moon, my end, my beginning

Girl, if you weren’t in my world, the earth would stop spinning.

Your heart is melting in the palm of my hand.

You’re dying to know, “Who’s this mystery man?!”

I’m the last guy that you’ll ever cherish.

Here’s a little secret, my name’s…

Phone Service Operator: You have reached the maximum time permitted for recording your message. Your message has been sent. Goodbye.

Josh: NOOOO!! I was so close!

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