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For profit businesses are welcome to share their sales, promotions, and other opportunities with our network by purchasing advertising.  We do not provide free advertising.  Posting your sale in our comments section, our facebook page, or tagging us in twitter will be flagged for spamming if you are not already part of our business network.

Non profit businesses can contact us for reduced rates to advertise events/sales that have a cost.  We are happy to post (when time allows) family friendly non profit FREE EVENTS at no cost.  In the case of discounted or free advertising we do require a link back from your site to ours.

If you would like to purchase advertising space with the e2 media network, please see the outline of rates below.

Three, Six, and Twelve month discounts are available and must be paid in advance.


A)  Square Button 125×125 small square Button

  • 1 month = $50

  • 3 months = $135

  • 6 months = $270

  • 12 months= $480

B) Large Sidebar 300 by 250 pixels jpg, png, or gif

  • 1 month = $120

  • 3 months = $315

  • 6 months = $600

  • 12 months= $900

C) Skyscraper Sidebar Ad 160 by 600 pixels jpg, png, or gif

  • 1 month = $100

  • 3 months = $275

  • 6 months = $500

  • 12 months= $875



  • $60 per podcast

  • $325 for nine episodes.

You get a 30-45 second ad in the first two minutes of the episode. We currently have nine episodes per week in our lineup.

Our average stats:

  • 1,200 downloads per month, with growing numbers and additional podcasters added every month

  • 1,500 page views per month with continual increases every single month


Please send a .JPG, .GIF, .or .PNG file to us and we will send payment info.

*Logos must be sized appropriately before sending.  If you need your logo resized, our technical department can provide that for a one time fee of $45.  Resizing is not a logo design but only resizing of an existing logo.

If you are in need of logo design, check out Graphic Design Hero at

Additionally, if you are in need of a website and/or web marketing (SEO, SEM, social media, etc.), we recommend Wisdom Matrix at

Evergrowing Online Audience

The e2 media network is an evangelical Christian podcast and media network whose foundation is Jesus Christ and the Bible.  As we discuss the love of God, who God is, and God’s purpose for our lives, everything comes into focus – who we are, why we are, relationships, the culture and society around us, and our future.  Our vision is to engage and influence today’s culture with a Godly hope and perspective.  Our mission is to provide effective media for the Church and the “Christ-curious”, helping them engage today’s culture with Jesus’ example as the starting point and the finish line.  We feature “e2”   in everything we do:

  • EDIFY and ENCOURAGE one another



  • EFFECTIVELY ENGAGE our culture

  • Spreading God’s glory to the ENDS of the EARTH

Targeting the Church and the “Christ-Curious”

We welcome Christians and the “Christ-Curious”, looking for new ways to see and make sense of the world around us.  We offer groundbreaking, paradigm-shifting, perspective blowing media that will change your life.

Our podcasters and their local audiences hail from all over the United States – from San Diego to Alaska. to Washington D.C. and back.  And, through our network, each podcast’s audience is continually growing far beyond those borders.

Offering Our Listeners…

New podcasts and video are added every weekday to keep the information fresh and keep our audience “encouraged and engaged”.  Constant Facebook alerts are also posted whenever new content is released on the e2 media network.  We feature a growing team of everyday people, who are qualified with experience and wisdom to talk about the topics they discuss. See the podcaster profiles to find out about them.  The e² media network is a robust podcast and video distribution channel with integrated tools to ensure consistent, high quality delivery to our evergrowing audience.

Offering Our Advertisers…

• Targeted advertising: The best way to reach the online Christian community is a trusted resource that people return to week after week for encouragement, entertainment and Biblical education.

• A way to reach the Christian audience which looks forward to new podcasts posted every day. Advertisements on the e2 media network have exposure 24/7 for a whole month.

• A selective format that assures the advertiser their ad won’t be lost in pages and pages of other advertising. Every ad will be strategically positioned where it will do the most good for the individual advertiser. • Discounts for frequent advertising.

• Reasonable pricing – as low as $50 for one month.

Contact Information

e2 media network • 1130 N. Melrose Dr., ste. 404, Vista, CA 92083 • (888) 393-0580 • e-mail:


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