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Vision – To engage and influence today’s culture with a Godly hope and perspective.

Mission – To provide effective media for the Church and the “Christ-curious”, helping them engage today’s culture with Jesus’ example as the starting point and the finish line.

What – “e²” in everything we offer:

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New podcasts and video will be added every week to keep the information fresh and keep our audience “encouraged and engaged”.

Why – Spiritual Foundation

e² media network is an evangelical Christian network whose foundation is Jesus Christ and the Bible. As we discuss the love of God, who God is, and God’s purpose for our lives, everything comes into focus – who we are, why we are, relationships, the culture and society around us, and our future.

Who – The audience

We welcome Christians and the “Christ-Curious”, looking for new ways to see and make sense of the world around us.  We offer groundbreaking, paradigm-shifting, perspective blowing media that will change your life.

Who – The Team

Joel Fieri – Executive Producer – Joel is a seasoned educator and businessman with a practical view of life. Joel has a background in business, education, missions ministry, youth ministry, and career ministry – giving him a “Big Picture” perspective. He is also the President of North County Media Center. As an executive professional in Christian media presenting Christian teaching, Joel is committed to producing high quality and effective media content that applies Christian principles to glorify Jesus Christ.

Jefferson Drexler – Producer – Jefferson is a professional video and podcast producer with career stops in the fields of news, corporate, commercial, government, education, and house of worship sectors. In his spiritual walk, Jefferson has been a lay-pastor and an on-staff pastor for a house-church ministry and a mega-church.

Podcasters – a growing team of everyday people, who are qualified with experience and wisdom to talk about the topics they discuss. See the podcaster profiles to find out about them.

What – The studio and technology

e² media network is headquartered at North County Media Center studio in Vista, California near San Diego. The studio has professional recording equipment for video and audio podcasts, a full array of lighting equipment, a sound stage, post production workstations, and professional staff. All to the glory of God!

The e² media network is a robust podcast and video distribution channel with integrated tools to ensure consistent, high quality delivery to the audience.


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