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Where is God in our culture today? Should we be discouraged or encouraged by what we see happening in our nation – even in the Christian Church – as we see our culture decline and our Christian values rejected? With our cultural influence waning, many believers are seeking answers to these questions, but many others are shying away from them.

“There’s never been a time in my life as critical as now for Christians to be talking with each other about what we believe and why we believe it. Neither has there been a time when so many people of faith have been so tentative, and even fearful, of doing so.” So says educator and businessman Joel Fieri, as he gives us a look at the world we’re living in from a “Big Picture” perspective.  Each week, Joel aims to help us ‘separate the forest from the trees’ in looking at the direction our society seems to be headed, and offering his take on how things ought to be from the perspective of a Christian “everyman”.


Each week in the Big Picture Podcast, Joel attempts to lead a conversation regarding the larger concerns and issues of modern Christianity, to see if the Bible can provide a lens through which we can see what God is doing today, and how these issues fit into His plan and His Kingdom.  Joel approaches this from a number of angles, and will introduce you to a number of people and characters as well – some real, some not so real – but each with their own perspectives to add to the Big Picture he’ll be putting together every week.


Joel Fieri is the President and CEO of the North County Media Center near San Diego, CA.  A Southern California native, Joel looks to use his and the Media Center’s resources to spread God’s truth to the ends of the earth using a combination of technology, inspired teachings and people willing to follow God’s direction.  Drawing from his background in business, education, missions, youth and career ministries, and examining the events from the ’60′s and ’70′s all the way to today’s current events, Joel wastes no time or words in expressing his desire to set the record – and the path of our culture – straight.

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